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battle of the sommes

British 34th Division troops advance on the first day of the battle. Photo credit:

To walk the battlefield of a major conflict from an historic war is to do more than just take in the view. Walking the Somme in particular is a particularly notable experience, treading ground where close to a million men were killed or wounded in one of the costliest battles in terms of human life we’ve seen in modern history. There are thoughts and feelings that a guided tour of the Somme will certainly invoke, which cannot be replicated by simply reading text-based accounts of the battle, or even viewing panoramic photographs of the battlefield. This is the reason that an official Somme guided tour is recommended for those with an interest in military history. Click here the best Somme tours from the most reputable tour companies.

World War I Tours in Europe

It is the job of each generation of people on this earth to ensure that the men of the great wars are never forgotten. WWI saw many firsts in terms of military history and technology, and it was also one of the bloodiest wars in history. This is just one of many reasons that World War I battleground tours are immensely popular, though to truly learn about the Great War, one must look past the over-emphasis on the Battle of the Somme. There were many other vital battlefields situated throughout Europe, and this is an article dedicated to highlighting the best battlefield tours one can experience. From the Crimson Coast to the mincing machine of Verdun this article hopes to present you with as many battlefield tour options as possible.

Battle of the Sommes Books

Known as one of the bloodiest and in many respects the most sobering battles of recent history, the Somme resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, with a total of over million men either killed or wounded. This bloody battle certainly deserves to be cemented deeply within our collective consciousness, and this has certainly been achieved by the great number of Battle of the Somme books in existence. This article focuses in on five spectacular Somme Offensive books, covering in detail various perspectives of the battle ranging from historians’ views to accounts from the perspective of those who were fought, wounded, or killed in this infamous WWI battle.

Relevant Historical Games

Warfare in general is one of the most over-represented subject matters when it comes to modern-day games. Instead of opting for the modern warfare of Call of Duty’s latest titles, how about looking back to the Great War? Taking a look at this WWI History Games article will remind you that some incredible WWI games do exist, and these vary in their approach to the subject matter at hand. Whether it’s the flash-based take on WWI that is Warfare 1917 or the remastered version of Wings!, you can be assured that you’re in good hands here, since you’ll find five highly-rated WWI History games to sink your teeth into.